Episode 3

Adventures in Tree Hugging

Having agreed to take the job Orym was offering them, to protect his sacred forest from the evil corporation Osorus Interplanetary, the PCs gathered together to discuss the plan. They would take the conveyor gate to the Deserene section controlled by the gold dragons, then they would make a jump to Orym’s planet. After helping the druids they would scour the area for the pirates, collecting that bounty before returning to Outlands station. Even though Orym wasn’t offering to pay them anything the PCs had agreed to this mission because they felt bad for the druids.

Orym was able to pay the 2k credits to get them through the conveyor gate to the Deserene section. Once there the PCs were astounded by the differences between it and the Noros section. Where the Noros (black dragon controlled) section was full of trash and dim lighting (where it was lit at all) the Deserene section was clean (almost to the point of being sterile) and brightly lit with patrols of armed guards and security officers all around.

The PCs decided that now was a good time to upgrade their gear and spend some of their hard earned cash. They paid to have their ship refueled and repaired as well as having the starcaster recharged (using liquid mithril). While out with X1, Tanya made contact with her old employer in the Black Hole Syndicate. The Syndicate owed her a favor and Tanya was cashing in. They guided her and X1 to one of their black market cyberdocs who installed a reflex boost in Tanya’s spine and made several improvements to X1, including grafting armor onto her body and adding an energy shield generator and a frost ray in her chest.

Meanwhile Adam took Desrick around (or rather Desrick’s slave robot) so that he could purchase software upgrades and programs for the entire group. He bought them all new replacement firewalls, as well as some other programs they might need.

Then fully equipped and ready the group headed back to the ship and disembarked from Outlands Station. While the others rested Desrick took over piloting duties. Orym had told him the destination was planet Kavaras.

With the destination set Desrick calculated his own jump (managing to get it in a single charge) and activated the caster to take them to the edge of the Kavaras system. Eight hours later they arrived at Kavaras, a breathtaking world of blue oceans and large green forests.

They landed near the druids only to find them being roughed up by goons from Osorus interplanetary. Deskrick dropped them off and took over control of their armored truck, using it to run down one of the goons. After a short firefight the crew of the Oz managed to take out all the goons and all of their strange spindly looking dog creatures (called Ranth). The crew left a single goon alive so they could question him but he didn’t have much to say, except that he was just an employee and didn’t deserve to die.

The druids hung him upside down over a pit of scorpions while the PCs flew around to survey the area. The grove itself was over 10 miles of forest but the machines and gear of Osorus was 12 miles away to the south.


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