Episode 2

Thanks for all the Memories

Having escaped Alcavan the assorted crew of the Oz (Rax, Tanya and the ship itself Desrick) plus newcomers Adam and the escaped prisoners X1 and Sebastian, found themselves in the Gemini system on their way to the Noros section of Outlands station.

Outlands Station. It was a rough and strange interconnected system of 10 separate space stations, each on situated in a different sector of the the Dragon Empire, all linked by teleportation portals. For a bit of cred, a body could travel from the Noros section to the other end of the galaxy in a single portal jump. The entire station was ruled over by half-dragon Captain Dredda Salvort and the drow head of security Lt Fasila Durlexis.

It was not exactly the sort of place a bunch of escaped criminals should be flying into, but as Sebastian explained, they didn’t really have a choice. He had hidden 10 stashes of gear, cash and gems, in various places around the station. He didn’t know how many of his stashes (if any) would still be where he left them (it had been 50 years since he was last there), but he had to check to be sure.

The money from those stashes was how Sebastian intended to pay the others, a down payment towards the million credits he owes them. Sebastian told the others the story of how he was one of the first prisoners locked away in Alcavan, how he had planted a virus in the computer system that would turn the control of the prison over to him, but by the time it was ready to do its work he had discovered the hidden compound buried in the mountain next to the prison.

He explained how he he explored the mountain, solving one puzzle after another, trying to unlock the secrets of this place (he even took a sample he could use for carbon dating). After 40 years of working he was about ready to grab the artifact (which he was sure the entire facility was built to protect) when Hoark caused a riot in a bid to take over the prison.

Fearing that the other prisoners would get slaughtered, Sebastian activated his protocols and called for a ride (the message which compelled Tanya, Rax and Desrick to visit the prison, as well as Adam).

The only thing left was to identify the artifact. Sebastian thought it might be from the ancient Yellow Dragons, a species who extermination ended the last dragon war and brought the good and evil dragons together. He wanted to sell the artifact, figuring he could get millions for it, but the others weren’t so sure. Adam in particular wanted to know why there were etchings of all of them in the walls and floor. Was it destiny that they would be there? Could the yellow dragons predict the future? And if so, why didn’t they do something to stop their own death?

it became clear from talking to Sebastian that he didn’t much care about these questions or their answers. He just wanted to get paid. Either way though, he said he figured they would have to get the artifact identified before they could figure out what to do with it and the only person Sebastian trusted with that job was a half-elf named Inaphar Enberos (Ian for short).

Ian was the premiere expert in dragon architecture (even though, like Sebastian he hates dragons). Of course all of this was before Sebastian went to prison. If Ian was still alive tracking him down might be difficult, but that was yet another reason to go to Outlands Stations as that would be the best place to start looking for him.

But first they would need to disguise their ship as they had failed to jam the Imperial craft before they could be scanned. They stopped on an asteroid and went to work, painting the ship and welding cargo bays to the outside. While X1 and Desrick worked the others got reacquainted.

It was a strange meeting as each had changed considerably since they had last met. Adam was greyer and had an eye patch (even though he wasn’t missing an eye), Rax was suddenly using guns and Tanya had two cybernetic legs in place of her real ones. It was a lot to take in but soon the work on the ship was done and the crew was back on their way to Outlands Station.

After docking and dealing with the dock manager Lt. Kruusax (who seemed to know Adam), the crew found themselves on the promenade of the Noros section of Outlands Station. Realizing they would need to find work if they were going to keep flying, the crew split up to see what they could see.

As they were walking through the crowd something bumped into Deskrick’s leg. It turned out to be a small remote drone controlled by a young girl and playing a simple tune. It had a bad alignment though and Desrick realized he could fix it, so he whipped out a tool only for the girl to back away in fear and her mother to step between the girl and Desrick.

When Adam looked over at the commotion he saw Desrick, not holding a tool as he thought he was, but instead holding a light caliber gun. Adam intervened and got the gun away from Desrick. After a self-diagnostic Desrick realized his own memories had been altered. Furthermore he now had combat algorithms which gave him the knowledge to use guns. Where that came from Desrick could not say.

Sebastian went to the first stashed and gave them the cash, minus what he would need to cross through the various portals to the different sectors then he left, leaving the artifact in their possession. Rax left to go look for work, finding a hobgoblin named Volix who was looking to hire a crew for a smash and grab job. The job was to break into the mansion of Farideh Frostfell, a rich white half-dragon who lived in the Noros section of the station. The job was to break into the mansion while Farideh was away on vacation, go down to the vault in the basement, break into the vault and steal a bunch of marked memory chips, belonging to Volix’s client. If the PCs could do that the pay would be 20,000 credits.

It was a big job but one Rax felt they were up to and so she agreed on the spot.

Meanwhile the others found other work ranging from hunting pirates, to transporting a haunted coffin, to hunting down a vigilante. In the Coffin Nail, a premiere tavern where Adam met his old friend the beautiful dwarven woman Thefra Wisten, the crew found a blind elf named Orym Chaenorin. Orym explained that he was part of a druid sect on a planet on the edge of the Deserene and Osorus sectors. A company known as Osorus Interplanetary (one of the largest companies in existence) had logging rights but only in a limited capacity and under the control of House Deserene. Despite this Osorus Interplanetary was conducting illegal logging. Orym’s druid sect could prove it but getting the information to the Viceroy was proving difficult.

Orym felt they had about 2 days until the courts could stop the logging. In the meantime Osorus was going to tear down the druid’s sacred grove. Orym came to Outlands Station to look for help. He only had enough money get their ship to the Deserene section, but despite this the crew decided to take the job out of the kindness of their hearts.

While all of this was going on Desrick went down the wrong alleyway in a search for a Digital Banking Terminal (DBT) only to get jumped by ugly looking thugs. Luckily Tanya was there and between the two of them they made short work of the thugs (killing one and sending another into a seizure). The third ran away.

With two jobs to do the crew decided to do the smash and grab first. After casing the mansion (and finding it was heavily guarded by armed guards and cyberdogs) the crew decided on an elaborate plan. First Desrick hacked into the severs at the mansion faking a work order for a damaged wall (leaking water). Then they applied for jobs at the nearby Technician station (station X9154-8) and hacking that they were able to get hired, and sent out to the mansion when the work order came in.

While X1 sneaked through the sewers the others, dressed as workers, made their way through the main gate and up to the mansion (the mansion was freezing cold and covered in ice as befits the home of a half-white dragon). The crew was scanned and patted down but managed to talk their way past security. They were escorted to the room where the “damage” was and began to work, while a guard waited outside.

Tanya slipped out a window and crept along the snow covered ground to the grate to the sewers. After several attempts she was able to bust the lock and make her way to where X1 was an pick another security lock to let him in. Meanwhile Adam and Desrick talked a guard into taking them down the basement to do more work.

Once there while Adam distracted the guard Desrick slipped into the next room, where he found a computer terminal manned by a technician.Desrick quickly dove the tech’s SEED implant, then used a disguise program to mask his appearance. With the tech unaware, Desrick dove the main terminal, broke into the sever and took over the security cameras. He also set up a program that would wipe away the camera footage and all digital records of their arrival as soon as they were gone.

Tanya slipped back to the room with Rax (giving her a gun she took from X1) and while Desrick’s new drone kept up the appearances that they were working. Adam and Desrick came back to the room only to find the guards panicking as they heard that Farideh was coming home early and bringing a huge security force with her.

Rax talked the guards into leaving and as soon as they were alone in the room Adam used the security camera footage provided by Desrick (and a charge provided by his magic eye patch) to teleport the group (minus X1 and Desrick’s drone) to the room with the elevator down into the second basement level.

After Tanya picked that lock the crew went down the elevator only for it to open with them facing four angry guards. The guards ordered them down on the floor at gunpoint but the group exploded into action. Tanya slashed three of them with her leg blades, killing one. Rax shot another in the face and Desrick hit another with a neural spike leaving him for Adam to finish off with a magic blast of blue energy.

With the guards dispatched the crew turned to the vault door. It took Tanya and Desrick working together to crack the vault gaining them access to a room full of treasure. They rummaged through the hoard finally finding the box full of memory chips. They grabbed the chips, replaced the box and left the vault.

Adam used another charge on his eye patch to teleport them away just as Tanya grabbed a handful of gold coins and credit chips. Desrick’s drone grabbed all their remaining tools and gear, slipped through a window, crept across the snow to the sewer grate and dropped down into X1’s arms. Then together X1 and Desrick’s drone ran away down the sewer line.

The crew appeared in a flash of light in the ship (startling Sebastian who was in his underwear eating a turkey leg). Rax took the chips and made the drop collecting the 20k in credit payment while Adam went back to the Coffin Nail to meet Orym.

There he found a well dressed bluehalf-dragon that was an executive at Osorus Interplanetary. He had his two thugs push Orym against a wall and threaten to beat him up, when Adam intervened. Using his magic he made himself appear to grow massive in size scaring the two thugs and the executive. The three dropped Orym and left.

Adam explained to Orym that they wanted to help him. Orym was overjoyed. They returned back to the Oz, then Orym paid the fees to teleport them to the Deserene section.


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