Sentient starship Freediver




5 enemies, 1 girlfriend who died, one who he abandoned (she abandoned him too) but she wants to kill him, a twin sister wants to kill him, older sister is his best friend, and the brother died. Both parents are still alive. Your ship has nimbleness.

Desrick jr. Grew up on a low tech planet that just happened to have a rare biological material used in medicine or some such. The village my char grew up in was a changeling village of Seekers. The village traded this material to a shadow syndicate for basic tools and luxuries. The shadow syndicate wanted to take the village and subjugate the people to get more of the material at a lower cost. Due to some anomaly or protection from a higher power scans would not show the location of where the material were farmed or the villages that farmed it. (the people of the village believed it was divine intervention). the few time the syndicate tried to do a ground invasion the terrain and guerrilla warfare tactics followed by years of refusing to trade made invasion and subjugation a non cost effective solution.

One day a ship crashed near the village everyone on board died except for one changeling. (He was a becommer named Desrick Mazlow) the village spent month nursing him back to health. During that time he and my mother (Mariana Mazlow) fell in love and were married. He traveled to many of the villages creating a unified trading front so that we could all get more from the syndicate. This went on until my character was 2 years old. When Desrick told the Unified Council of villages that he was going to strike out and find additional trading partners to help raise our stature, wealth, and power. For the next 10 years he would be gone along time but come back with more and more people interested in trading with us and more and more villages joined the council. During this time our family grew I had two sisters(leiana and mira) and a brother(Desrick 3rd.). Once the number of villages that were trading had grown very large (the size of feudal Western Europe). The attack came it was swift and crushing. The villages where not out numbered but extremely out gunned. The syndicate had control of all major villages and biological harvesting operations in less than 3 months. Many fled across the ocean to find safety but the majority were captured as slaves.

Thats when the testing process began all slaves were processed and assigned task based on their ability. The majority were deemed unremarkable and stayed on the planet as slave labor. The most beautiful men and women were sent to the houses to be prostitutes or concubines. The lucky ones myself included who were not beautiful enough to go to houses but to smart sneaky or tough to work the harvest. Were given training as operatives and an explosive chips at the base of our skulls with the option to have it removed once we paid our debt for training and cost of the war.

The years passed and my char was really really good (Titanfall trooper/free diver not decided yet) The ability to change race and be unremarkable no matter where he was made him even more valuable. 3 years of training and 10 years of very profitable mission(he had more missions than many retiring syndicate members) he had purchased his mothers, eldest sisters and youngest brothers freedom. They all joined the resistance and now he helps fund that.

All but his youngest sister who had a family and would not leave without not only her husband and children but her inlaws as well.

He had made such an name for himself after 10 years that he finally started to get very profitable mission offers on the core worlds. One of these missions could buy his sisters families freedom. During the mission in a crowed upscale plaza he heard his father voice and smelt the stink of the chemsticks he was always smoking. His father wore the face of an elf but the voice was unmistakable. He ran to his father to find out what had happed and why he never came back. When pop.

Months latter he woke up and his body felt strange like it almost wasn’t his he thought he was hungry and thirsty but did not feel the need to eat.He found that he was in some sort of lab. A few minutes later one of the head syndicate members came in and explained to him that there was a malfunction with his chip and he was considered a worthwhile investment to have his soul transfered into a mech but since he was still their property he was not consider for the extra cost of a rez and the price of making him a soulmech would be added onto his debt. The syndicate rep, also explained that due to the size of his debt he had to pay off his debt, before he could pay off anyone else’s debt also all of his saving had been drained to pay for the costs.

He did the only thing he knew he could do just back to mission after mission. After about a year of successful missions. He was working with one of the syndicates chief scientists and the entire crew got pinned down. They called to have the V.I fly in for an extraction but it messed up and crashed the ship miles from where they were. it was a hard fight and they lost most of the team. Once they got to the ship they found that the flight control and nav computers were to damaged to use. the scientist was able wire Desrick jr to the ship and he flew them out of there.

A week latter the syndicate came to him and let him know that due to his out standing debt they were going to transfer his consciousness to a ship on mission that he used both the ship and his body and he would get a 1.5 person cut of the take with the other .5 going to ship maintenance.

The procedure took a long time during that time he found that one of his youngest sisters children had died and she wanted him to come to the funeral since she had not seen him in 14 years. He immediately flew back to his home-world landed walked about 5000 feet from the ship and lost control of his soulmech body, it just shutdown. The interference that kept his homeworld safe for so long stopped him from seeing his family. He spent the entire funeral watching his body slumped on the ground a mile away. He has become obsessed with finding a way to quickly transfer his soul between the ship and his body.


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