Episode 3
Adventures in Tree Hugging

Having agreed to take the job Orym was offering them, to protect his sacred forest from the evil corporation Osorus Interplanetary, the PCs gathered together to discuss the plan. They would take the conveyor gate to the Deserene section controlled by the gold dragons, then they would make a jump to Orym’s planet. After helping the druids they would scour the area for the pirates, collecting that bounty before returning to Outlands station. Even though Orym wasn’t offering to pay them anything the PCs had agreed to this mission because they felt bad for the druids.

Orym was able to pay the 2k credits to get them through the conveyor gate to the Deserene section. Once there the PCs were astounded by the differences between it and the Noros section. Where the Noros (black dragon controlled) section was full of trash and dim lighting (where it was lit at all) the Deserene section was clean (almost to the point of being sterile) and brightly lit with patrols of armed guards and security officers all around.

The PCs decided that now was a good time to upgrade their gear and spend some of their hard earned cash. They paid to have their ship refueled and repaired as well as having the starcaster recharged (using liquid mithril). While out with X1, Tanya made contact with her old employer in the Black Hole Syndicate. The Syndicate owed her a favor and Tanya was cashing in. They guided her and X1 to one of their black market cyberdocs who installed a reflex boost in Tanya’s spine and made several improvements to X1, including grafting armor onto her body and adding an energy shield generator and a frost ray in her chest.

Meanwhile Adam took Desrick around (or rather Desrick’s slave robot) so that he could purchase software upgrades and programs for the entire group. He bought them all new replacement firewalls, as well as some other programs they might need.

Then fully equipped and ready the group headed back to the ship and disembarked from Outlands Station. While the others rested Desrick took over piloting duties. Orym had told him the destination was planet Kavaras.

With the destination set Desrick calculated his own jump (managing to get it in a single charge) and activated the caster to take them to the edge of the Kavaras system. Eight hours later they arrived at Kavaras, a breathtaking world of blue oceans and large green forests.

They landed near the druids only to find them being roughed up by goons from Osorus interplanetary. Deskrick dropped them off and took over control of their armored truck, using it to run down one of the goons. After a short firefight the crew of the Oz managed to take out all the goons and all of their strange spindly looking dog creatures (called Ranth). The crew left a single goon alive so they could question him but he didn’t have much to say, except that he was just an employee and didn’t deserve to die.

The druids hung him upside down over a pit of scorpions while the PCs flew around to survey the area. The grove itself was over 10 miles of forest but the machines and gear of Osorus was 12 miles away to the south.

Episode 2
Thanks for all the Memories

Having escaped Alcavan the assorted crew of the Oz (Rax, Tanya and the ship itself Desrick) plus newcomers Adam and the escaped prisoners X1 and Sebastian, found themselves in the Gemini system on their way to the Noros section of Outlands station.

Outlands Station. It was a rough and strange interconnected system of 10 separate space stations, each on situated in a different sector of the the Dragon Empire, all linked by teleportation portals. For a bit of cred, a body could travel from the Noros section to the other end of the galaxy in a single portal jump. The entire station was ruled over by half-dragon Captain Dredda Salvort and the drow head of security Lt Fasila Durlexis.

It was not exactly the sort of place a bunch of escaped criminals should be flying into, but as Sebastian explained, they didn’t really have a choice. He had hidden 10 stashes of gear, cash and gems, in various places around the station. He didn’t know how many of his stashes (if any) would still be where he left them (it had been 50 years since he was last there), but he had to check to be sure.

The money from those stashes was how Sebastian intended to pay the others, a down payment towards the million credits he owes them. Sebastian told the others the story of how he was one of the first prisoners locked away in Alcavan, how he had planted a virus in the computer system that would turn the control of the prison over to him, but by the time it was ready to do its work he had discovered the hidden compound buried in the mountain next to the prison.

He explained how he he explored the mountain, solving one puzzle after another, trying to unlock the secrets of this place (he even took a sample he could use for carbon dating). After 40 years of working he was about ready to grab the artifact (which he was sure the entire facility was built to protect) when Hoark caused a riot in a bid to take over the prison.

Fearing that the other prisoners would get slaughtered, Sebastian activated his protocols and called for a ride (the message which compelled Tanya, Rax and Desrick to visit the prison, as well as Adam).

The only thing left was to identify the artifact. Sebastian thought it might be from the ancient Yellow Dragons, a species who extermination ended the last dragon war and brought the good and evil dragons together. He wanted to sell the artifact, figuring he could get millions for it, but the others weren’t so sure. Adam in particular wanted to know why there were etchings of all of them in the walls and floor. Was it destiny that they would be there? Could the yellow dragons predict the future? And if so, why didn’t they do something to stop their own death?

it became clear from talking to Sebastian that he didn’t much care about these questions or their answers. He just wanted to get paid. Either way though, he said he figured they would have to get the artifact identified before they could figure out what to do with it and the only person Sebastian trusted with that job was a half-elf named Inaphar Enberos (Ian for short).

Ian was the premiere expert in dragon architecture (even though, like Sebastian he hates dragons). Of course all of this was before Sebastian went to prison. If Ian was still alive tracking him down might be difficult, but that was yet another reason to go to Outlands Stations as that would be the best place to start looking for him.

But first they would need to disguise their ship as they had failed to jam the Imperial craft before they could be scanned. They stopped on an asteroid and went to work, painting the ship and welding cargo bays to the outside. While X1 and Desrick worked the others got reacquainted.

It was a strange meeting as each had changed considerably since they had last met. Adam was greyer and had an eye patch (even though he wasn’t missing an eye), Rax was suddenly using guns and Tanya had two cybernetic legs in place of her real ones. It was a lot to take in but soon the work on the ship was done and the crew was back on their way to Outlands Station.

After docking and dealing with the dock manager Lt. Kruusax (who seemed to know Adam), the crew found themselves on the promenade of the Noros section of Outlands Station. Realizing they would need to find work if they were going to keep flying, the crew split up to see what they could see.

As they were walking through the crowd something bumped into Deskrick’s leg. It turned out to be a small remote drone controlled by a young girl and playing a simple tune. It had a bad alignment though and Desrick realized he could fix it, so he whipped out a tool only for the girl to back away in fear and her mother to step between the girl and Desrick.

When Adam looked over at the commotion he saw Desrick, not holding a tool as he thought he was, but instead holding a light caliber gun. Adam intervened and got the gun away from Desrick. After a self-diagnostic Desrick realized his own memories had been altered. Furthermore he now had combat algorithms which gave him the knowledge to use guns. Where that came from Desrick could not say.

Sebastian went to the first stashed and gave them the cash, minus what he would need to cross through the various portals to the different sectors then he left, leaving the artifact in their possession. Rax left to go look for work, finding a hobgoblin named Volix who was looking to hire a crew for a smash and grab job. The job was to break into the mansion of Farideh Frostfell, a rich white half-dragon who lived in the Noros section of the station. The job was to break into the mansion while Farideh was away on vacation, go down to the vault in the basement, break into the vault and steal a bunch of marked memory chips, belonging to Volix’s client. If the PCs could do that the pay would be 20,000 credits.

It was a big job but one Rax felt they were up to and so she agreed on the spot.

Meanwhile the others found other work ranging from hunting pirates, to transporting a haunted coffin, to hunting down a vigilante. In the Coffin Nail, a premiere tavern where Adam met his old friend the beautiful dwarven woman Thefra Wisten, the crew found a blind elf named Orym Chaenorin. Orym explained that he was part of a druid sect on a planet on the edge of the Deserene and Osorus sectors. A company known as Osorus Interplanetary (one of the largest companies in existence) had logging rights but only in a limited capacity and under the control of House Deserene. Despite this Osorus Interplanetary was conducting illegal logging. Orym’s druid sect could prove it but getting the information to the Viceroy was proving difficult.

Orym felt they had about 2 days until the courts could stop the logging. In the meantime Osorus was going to tear down the druid’s sacred grove. Orym came to Outlands Station to look for help. He only had enough money get their ship to the Deserene section, but despite this the crew decided to take the job out of the kindness of their hearts.

While all of this was going on Desrick went down the wrong alleyway in a search for a Digital Banking Terminal (DBT) only to get jumped by ugly looking thugs. Luckily Tanya was there and between the two of them they made short work of the thugs (killing one and sending another into a seizure). The third ran away.

With two jobs to do the crew decided to do the smash and grab first. After casing the mansion (and finding it was heavily guarded by armed guards and cyberdogs) the crew decided on an elaborate plan. First Desrick hacked into the severs at the mansion faking a work order for a damaged wall (leaking water). Then they applied for jobs at the nearby Technician station (station X9154-8) and hacking that they were able to get hired, and sent out to the mansion when the work order came in.

While X1 sneaked through the sewers the others, dressed as workers, made their way through the main gate and up to the mansion (the mansion was freezing cold and covered in ice as befits the home of a half-white dragon). The crew was scanned and patted down but managed to talk their way past security. They were escorted to the room where the “damage” was and began to work, while a guard waited outside.

Tanya slipped out a window and crept along the snow covered ground to the grate to the sewers. After several attempts she was able to bust the lock and make her way to where X1 was an pick another security lock to let him in. Meanwhile Adam and Desrick talked a guard into taking them down the basement to do more work.

Once there while Adam distracted the guard Desrick slipped into the next room, where he found a computer terminal manned by a technician.Desrick quickly dove the tech’s SEED implant, then used a disguise program to mask his appearance. With the tech unaware, Desrick dove the main terminal, broke into the sever and took over the security cameras. He also set up a program that would wipe away the camera footage and all digital records of their arrival as soon as they were gone.

Tanya slipped back to the room with Rax (giving her a gun she took from X1) and while Desrick’s new drone kept up the appearances that they were working. Adam and Desrick came back to the room only to find the guards panicking as they heard that Farideh was coming home early and bringing a huge security force with her.

Rax talked the guards into leaving and as soon as they were alone in the room Adam used the security camera footage provided by Desrick (and a charge provided by his magic eye patch) to teleport the group (minus X1 and Desrick’s drone) to the room with the elevator down into the second basement level.

After Tanya picked that lock the crew went down the elevator only for it to open with them facing four angry guards. The guards ordered them down on the floor at gunpoint but the group exploded into action. Tanya slashed three of them with her leg blades, killing one. Rax shot another in the face and Desrick hit another with a neural spike leaving him for Adam to finish off with a magic blast of blue energy.

With the guards dispatched the crew turned to the vault door. It took Tanya and Desrick working together to crack the vault gaining them access to a room full of treasure. They rummaged through the hoard finally finding the box full of memory chips. They grabbed the chips, replaced the box and left the vault.

Adam used another charge on his eye patch to teleport them away just as Tanya grabbed a handful of gold coins and credit chips. Desrick’s drone grabbed all their remaining tools and gear, slipped through a window, crept across the snow to the sewer grate and dropped down into X1’s arms. Then together X1 and Desrick’s drone ran away down the sewer line.

The crew appeared in a flash of light in the ship (startling Sebastian who was in his underwear eating a turkey leg). Rax took the chips and made the drop collecting the 20k in credit payment while Adam went back to the Coffin Nail to meet Orym.

There he found a well dressed bluehalf-dragon that was an executive at Osorus Interplanetary. He had his two thugs push Orym against a wall and threaten to beat him up, when Adam intervened. Using his magic he made himself appear to grow massive in size scaring the two thugs and the executive. The three dropped Orym and left.

Adam explained to Orym that they wanted to help him. Orym was overjoyed. They returned back to the Oz, then Orym paid the fees to teleport them to the Deserene section.

Episode 1: Part 2
Disappointments and Excitements

13 Months Later

The last year had been hell. Ever since the invasion of their home world the four friends had been scattered to the wind, lost into the cracks and crevices of the Dragon Empire. But Tanya was determined to bring them back together, one by one if she had too. It was the only way to make up for Blaze’s death.

Tanya had managed to escape the clutches of the Imperial war machine but doing so came with a high cost. The only way to survive was to become an assassin for the Black Hole Syndicate, a job that cost her both her legs and most of her soul, but Tanya no longer cared. All she cared about was finding Diana. She had been taken by the Imperials, conscripted into their great army, all in service of the vile red wyrrm Mezzenbone, but what became of her after that Tanya had no idea. Least ways until Rax wandered back into her life.

The last year had changed Rax, maybe more than it had even changed Tanya. Rax had discovered something by living inside the Dragon Empire, a part of herself that she didn’t even know was missing. For one she had discovered she liked guns. A lot. She had an affinity for the weapons that bordered on the supernatural, an almost intrinsic understanding of the weapons, how to use them, how to care for them, how to kill with them.

But next to guns Rax also discovered she liked gambling. After getting out of a four month prison stint for getting caught in an illegal gambling ring Rax realized she needed to make a change in her life and that change started with finding her friends. Using some of the contacts she had made from her gambling connections Rax was able to track down Tanya (now calling herself Tanya Blade for the twin blades she conceals in her legs). Her contacts also gave her a data file that contained information on exactly where Diana was.

Rax didn’t hesitate for a second. She found Tanya and gave her the file. Tanya’s breath caught in her throat as she read through it. Relief at finally knowing what befallen her love gave way to dread and fear. Diana had been taken to the infamous prison planet of Alcavan where, according to the file, Diana was being experimented upon by Imperial Scientists, for what reason the file didn’t say.

For months Tanya and Rax debated what to do. Alcavan was a jungle world in the Domain of Noros, a part of the Empire controlled by evil black dragons. It was home to some of the most exotic and dangerous creatures in the Verse. The Empire, with permission from House Noros, had converted into a prison planet 50 years ago. The prison itself was surrounded by an impenetrable force field, patrolled by hundreds of robot guards and the entire planet was surrounded by a AI controlled auto-mine field that would destroy any unauthorized ships that got too close to the planet. Getting Diana off that world would be impossible.

But still Tanya persisted. She realized that she would need a ship. Not just any ship. Something truly fast and nimble enough to avoid the mines and any Imperial craft in the area. And she would need a pilot. Then fortunate for once went her way. Using her own contacts Tanya was able to solve both problems in one go. She introduced Rax to Desrick Mazlow, a sentient spaceship.

Desrick had been a changeling like Rax (his trust of her is part of why he agreed to work with them) but the Empire had put his soul inside a starship, making him the only sentient starship in the entire Verse. Desrick had been on the run for years, trying to avoid the Empire, who wished to reclaim him and make him a weapon. He agreed to work with Tanya and Rax is they agreed to help him avoid the Empire. And thus a partnership was born.

But there was still the little manner of how to get through Alcavan’s defenses. For months they planned and they were just about to give up hope when a coded message came through the Ansible Network. It was from a man calling himself Sebastian Burroughs. He explained that he was a prisoner on Alcavan but that the prisoners were rioting and he had disabled all of the planet’s defenses. He promised 1 million credits to whoever rescued him.

Tanya, Rax and Desrick almost couldn’t believe their luck. But they had to act quickly. They gathered their supplies and raced off, making the jump to Alcavan mere minutes after receiving Sebastian’s message.

Little did they know that their long lost friend Adam had received the same message and was making his own plan to go to Alcavan, but not to save Diana. In truth he had given up on the hope of ever seeing his friends again. Not given the ways the gears turned in this universe. Adam, like Diana, had been captured by the Empire and would have shared her fate if not for being rescued by the pirate Ruford Acton. Adam joined the pirate’s crew and rose through the ranks to become Ruford’s most trusted crew member. On his death bed Ruford freed Adam from his bond to the crew leaving Adam free to explore the Verse.

Unfortunately exploration is a costly enterprise and Adam had been left adrift with no money to his name and little prospects. When he deciphered Sebastian’s message he realized that this could be his big score. Adam called in a favor from his friend Lars who agreed to fly him to the planet in exchange for half the credits. Adam agreed and the two were off.

The Empire beat them all there.

Beneath black space studded with distant stars, rested the green blue world of Alcavan. From a distance it looked almost peaceful, white clouds floating above large swaths of lush jungles, but that beauty hides a dark reputation as one of the most dangerous prison planets in the entire Verse. Arcane energy coursed through empty space silently building up until a gigantic Imperial carrier craft, the ISC-Syseria, poped into existence, flanked by two smaller destroyers.

The Empire approached the planet in their typical arrogant fashion, hesitating only when the planetary mines began to power up. The commander of the Syseria ordered the codes sent to shut the mines down but the system had been compromised. in a second the mines flew forward, attached themselves to the hull of one of the destroyers and exploded incinerating the ship and all its crew.

The Commander screamed out the order to fire on the remaining mines. Dozens of V-Wing Imperial craft flew out of the carrier along with four troop transports. The mines blew one away before it could get too far but the other three careened down through the atmosphere to land on the planet below.

From their bowels emerged a battalion of Imperial Soldiers in red dragon armor, a phalanx of
AV-98 Mechs and two dozen armed laser tanks. Their objective was to shutdown the prison wall and retake the prison by force.

Opposing them were the 250 prisoners armed only with stolen rifles, the 200 robot guards they had reprogrammed in their defense and the 100 mobile platform robots that careened across the battlefield.

The two sides clashed in an exchange of fire and explosives, the screams of the dying echoing across the battlefield.

No one noticed the ship Desrick suddenly appearing in the skies above the planet. Desrick flew in low and close to avoid the Imperial ships, but he needn’t have bothered. The Imperials were too busy with the mines. Desrick landed in the jungle where he dropped off a broken down armored truck with Tanya, Rax and Desrick’s remote controlled robot body inside.

As the truck tore through the jungle another ship appeared in the skies above. This one was piloted by Lars and unlike Desrick he didn’t want to get close enough to the planet to touch down. Instead Adam was forced to halo drop out of the back of the ship, the fire of reentry burning his vac suit to ash before he was able to parachute down to the planet below.

The armored truck crashed through the dense jungle coming to a skidding stop in front of the mountain. Following instructions sent by Sebastian the three friends were able to open a hidden door within the mountain. They entered a vast maze of hallways, lit by fluorescent lights that flickered to life as they approached, and decorated with etchings of strange varieties of dragon.

After exploring the hallways for several tense moments (all the while hearing the explosions from the nearby battle) the three heard two different noises in the dark. Behind them Adam had scrapped his metal shield against the wall while a different noise echoed from deeper within the mountain.

Rax went back to investigate and when she saw it was Adam she almost couldn’t believe her eyes. He had changed somewhat, his hair was greyer and he now wore an eye-patch, but that was unmistakably her friend. For his part Adam was no less shocked to see Rax. Before he could ask what she was doing here both heard a yell from father in the mountain.

Rushing forward Rax and Adam found Tanya and Desrick talking to an older human they recognized as Sebastian. Next to Sebastian was a large dump truck of a humanoid robot that was acting as Sebastian’s guard. The robot referred to itself as X1. When he saw Tanya Sebastian had expressed surprise at seeing a tabaxi and casually mentioned that he had known only one other such creature, an imperial soldier that the Empire had been experimenting upon, and who’s soul they had transferred into the robot body before them. A woman named Diana.

Tanya’s gasp of shock was the noise that alerted Rax and Adam to trouble. Diana had become this machine. Tanya couldn’t believe it but Sebastian assured her. Tanya tried to argue. Maybe it was a different Diana but Sebastian made it clear there was no other tabaxi in the prison. Tanya tried to talk to X1, to elicit some semblance of memory from her former lover, but X1 could only look on with cold robotic eyes.

Then an explosion rocked the outside of the mountain. Adam reminded them that they were running out of time. Rax took Tanya aside, asking her what she wanted to do, believe Sebastian or ignore him and keep going. Tanya hesitated unsure, but something about the way X1 moved reminded her of Diana. Tanya knew that this was all that was left of the woman she once loved.

She decided that she would believe Sebastian. They needed to get out of there. That’s when Sebastian told them that he couldn’t leave yet. Long ago he had discovered this hidden facility next to the prison and after exploring it he became convinced that it was all created to guard one single relic, an item Sebastian estimated would be worth millions of dollars if it could be recovered. That’s how he intended to pay them.

Rax balked at this but Sebastian pointed out that saving this was the job. “My dear girl,” he said. “Life is full of disappointments and excitements. I’ll leave it to you to decide which one this is, but either way I’m going after that relic.”

With clearly no choice the others agreed to go with Sebastian. He led them through a series of rooms, past puzzles he had already solved, to a room dominated by a single large door etched with lights that radiated from the center like the rays of the sun. This was a puzzle Sebastian had been unable to solve. Desrick examined the room noting that the images in here seemed to hide mathematical patterns. He realized it was the golden spiral sequence and after pressing the lights in the correct order the door opened.

The group entered a large room whose floor was etched with symbols and images and there in the center was giant dais, on top of which was a beam of light. Suspended inside the light was a small copper box. Adam noticed that the images on the floor were crude representations of dragon history, showing the formation of the empire, and the rise of Mezzenbone. He was most surpirsed to discover representations of all of them in this room, up to and including a drawing of Desrick opening the outer door and the group gathered around the copper box on the dais.

Before the could contemplate this a massively muscular tattooed orc in the orange garb of an Imperial Prisoner entered the room flanked by other prisoners and reprogrammed robot guards. He called himself Hoark. He had tracked Sebastian here. He ordered his men to attack and a shootout broke out. Desrick hid behind a wall hacking into the SEED of a prisoner and frying his brain, X1 shattered a prisoner’s jaw with her massive warhammer, Rax shot a prisoner in the head and Tanya slashed Hoark’s throat with her leg blades.

Hoping to grab the treasure and get out one of the prisoners rushed forward, ran up the dais and grabbed the copper box. He screamed in pain as a plant grew out from under his skin, erupting from his mouth. The box tumbled from his grasp and slid across the floor as a quake erupted through the room.

Giant rainbow colored centipedes, winged spiders and all manners of other creatures squeezed through cracks in the walls and descended on the prisoners killing them. Sebastian ran forward and donning gloves, scooped up the copper box, dropping it in a specially prepared briefcase he carried. Realizing they were trapped Adam ordered everyone to gather around him and when they did he touched his eye-patch which glowed with a golden light.

When the light faded the group had been teleported outside the mountain. The entire jungle went crazy with wild animals ripping and tearing into each other. On the battlefield on the other side giant behemoths erupted from the jungle to kill the remaining soldiers, robots, and prisoners. Only a single mech pilot seemingly managed to avoid being killed when he was buried alive under his mech suit.

The group jumped into the armored truck and raced across the jungle as all around them wild animals ripped into each other. Desrick transferred his control to the ship and took off, scooping them up as they jumped off a cliff.

As Desrick’s urging everyone ran to their stations. The ship broke atmo near the battered imperial carrier. It was too damaged to directly assault them so instead it sent a small squadron of V-Wing craft. Everyone ran to their weapons. After a tense dogfight Desrick was able to calculate a jump that took them light years out of the system. They had done the impossible.

They had escaped Alcavan.

Episode 1
Paradise Lost

We open on a beautiful summer’s night on the world of Taus-Ur. Taus-Ur was a typical fantasy world of great kings and queens, viscous goblins, and powerful wizards. The night was warm and the sounds of music permeated the air, all emanating from the Grey Griffon tavern where adventuring friends were celebrating their latest victory.

They are the warrior Diana (a tabaxi cat person), her girlfriend the deadly monk Tanya (also a tabaxi), Tanya’s sister Blaze (born with sorcerer powers), human cleric of Primus Adam Melkor and the changeling rogue Rax.

Together the five friends drank and laughed and danced the night away. They had reason to celebrate as they had just saved the kingdom from a goblin plot to kidnap and replace the king, a plot that would have left the kingdom defenseless and ripe for invasion. But fortunately while the imposter king was able to fool everyone else in his court he was unable to fool the fierce and intelligent Princess Kendra. Working through a contact with the thieves guild controlled by the Underground Man, a young girl named Whisper, the Princess was able to reach out to the adventuring heroes and implore them for aid.

Working together the heroes explored the goblin warrens in the northern mountains and there they discovered the true king, being kept alive and held captive by the goblins. The five heroes freed the king who took them through a secret passage in the palace to the heart of the throne room where the true king confronted the imposter. Princes Kendra herself was the one who slid a sword into the imposter’s body, and as he died his features melted away to the shapeless grey form of a doppelganger.

With the true king restored the five adventurers were declared heroes of the kingdom and given a great reward, one Diana intended to drink her way through in one night. They were in the midst of celebrating when they heard a strange whistling noise, loud enough to be heard above the din of the tavern. This odd whistling was followed a second later by a titanic explosion that rocked the walls of the tavern.

The heroes ran to the street and what they saw chilled their blood. Half the city was lit by fire and there in the sky above their heads was what looked very much like a black beast made of entirely of obsidian metal. They would later realize that this was a ship from the stars, but at the time their minds had no way of making sense of what they were seeing.

Unable to help all they could do was watch in horror as the ship rained fire down upon the city. The great griffon riders known as the Sky Legion, led by Sir Dench, flew into the sky to confront the ship only to be lanced out of the air by beams of fire. A single ship had destroyed half the city and crushed its defenses in a few moments and as the heroes watched a hundred other such ships descended from the sky.

The first ship took this opportunity to land in the palace courtyard and the heroes, using the hidden tunnels into the palace that they had just learned about, followed. They arrived just in time to see the doors of the black ship open and a single man descend the ramp followed by a battalion of armed soldiers. When they saw him women fainted, children screamed and men went weak with horror for the man was a drow.

This drow announced to the assembled crowd that he was Lieutenant Malzirek. He demanded to see the person in charge and the ever brave King strode to confront the drow, but when the drow demanded he turn over the kingdom the King spit at his feet. That’s when Malzirek pulled a small weapon from a holster on his belt and fired a blast of energy clean through the King’s head.

The King’s guards rushed to avenge their dead lord but Malzirek’s soldiers raised their own weapons and fired gunning down the guards by the dozens. The adventures tried to help but the soldiers knocked them to their knees. But Blaze was quicker than even them. Before the soldiers could stop her she fired off a spell creating a mirage like duplicate of herself and when the soldiers grabbed the wrong one she slipped through their grasp and lunged at the grinning drown bastard.

He gunned her down before she got halfway to him.

The horror of seeing her baby sister killed before her eyes was almost too much for Tanya to bare. Adam and Diana screamed, Rax wept. Blaze had been the heart of the group, the curious kitten who’s pure spirit kept the team together. And in a single horrible second she was dead.

Without wasting a moment Lieutenant Malzirek demanded to see the next in line of succession. Her voice cracking with grief Princess Kendra strode forward. Malzirek pointed his gun at her head and repeated his demand for the kingdom. With no choice the Princess was forced to give in to his demands.

And that’s when Taus-Ur joined the Dragon Empire.

Episode 0
Show Bible

This is the introduction to the campaign, the campaign setting and the characters. I’ve decided to write these up as if they were episodes in a TV show (lets call the show DragonStar). Every show has a log where they write the characters names and backstories, the actors that play them and the incidental little things that need to be noted for sake of continuity. They call that the show Bible and so this is the Bible for our little show.

At the same time though this is still a game and so I will also give some of these explanations in game terms. Otherwise it would just be too confusing.

Here goes.

Logline (a one sentence summary of what the show is about): The crew of the sentient starship, the Raisk Vokt Oz are a ragtag collection of space pirates, assassins, cyborg killers, and gunslinging outlaws who fight to stay one step ahead of the evil Dragon Empire.

Game System: 5th edition D&D using the Ultramodern 5e and Neurospasta 5e rule sets along with my own custom made Dragonstar Conversion guide.

Setting: The Dragon Empire 99 years after the evil red dragon Mezzenbone assumed the throne. It’s a roughly spherical volume of space about 1,000 light years from tip to tip in the Serpent’s Eye galaxy:


Alternatively called the known Universe (Verse for short).

Due to recent advancements in neural-interface technology (using the GNOSIS Operating System) most sentient species in the galaxy are able to enhance their bodies with cybernetics. The most common cybernetic is the SEED implant (Synaptic Embedded Electronic Device). With a SEED wired in their brains every sentient can pay for food, schedule their days or connect with friends, but this SEED also leaves them vulnerable to remote intrusion.

Tone: Action adventure and light comedy with occasional dark moments. As outlaws the characters will be constantly on the run from Imperial law. The group is overall chaotic good with a focus on doing the right thing as long as they get paid enough to keep flying. This lends it a very Firefly or Guardians of the Galaxy feel. However the world they live in is populated with magic beings and magic itself (even the characters themselves wield magic). This blend of high sci-fi combined with traditional fantasy elements makes it a unique entry into the space opera genre.

Main Characters

Raisk Vokt Oz/Desrick Jr: A sentient starship with a mysterious past. Desrick is a variation on what’s called a soulmech. He used to be a living organic creature (a changeling) before his soul was ripped out of his body and placed into a machine. Soulmechs aren’t that rare in the galaxy (this group even has a second soulmech) but whereas most soulmechs have their souls housed in an android or robotbody, Desrick’s was placed into the neural net of an advanced starship. Unfortunately for Desrick this process corrupted his memories so even he’s not sure of what his past might actually be.

As a sentient starship Desrick remotes his mind into a surrogate robot body (usually a small robot with a large central eye). This allows him to accompany the other characters on adventures with the downside that if his connection to his surrogate is ever severed it would be under minimal control. In addition to being a sentient starship Desrick is a trained Free Diver, able to use his own SEED implant to dive (or hack) into the implants of others (either organic or non). This combined with his amazing programming skills makes him a deadly combatant, one enemies often overlook.

As part of his disguise Desrick has changed his transponder code. He calls himself the Raisk Vokt Oz (Freedom’s Sojourn in changeling).

Rax: A shape-changer who also happens to be the fastest gun in the Verse. Rax was born on the planet Taus-Ur, which was a typical fantasy world where magic was common but technology hadn’t moved beyond crossbows and long swords. Her father was a doppelganger, a race of mind-reading shape shifters who are capable of taking on the form of any humanoid creature they encounter, but her mother was human making Rax a half-blood changeling.

Rax inherited the shapeshifting powers and fast hands of her father’s people and the stubbornness of her mother’s. She grew up to be an adventure and if the Empire had never invaded her homeworld that’s as far as she would have gotten. But when that first Imperial ship came screaming out of the sky Rax knew her whole world had changed. In the wake of that invasion Rax was thrust into the galaxy and quickly found she had an affinity for guns and gambling, a combination that landed her in prison and nearly got her killed.

Retraining herself as a gunslinger (think John Wick meets Mystique), Rax has decided to rejoin her friends from Taus-Ur and help them survive in the Verse.

Tanya Blade: A cat person cyber-ninja. As a tabaxi cat person on Taus-Ur Tanya thought she had her whole life figured out. A devout monk and trained warrior, Tanya thought that together with her girlfriend Diana, baby sister Blaze and friends Rax and Adam, she was going to make the world a better place. That was before the dark night that ruined her life, before the Empire came.

She’s still haunted by the horrors of that night. The ship, black as Hell’s heart, appearing in the sky raining fire down on her defenseless world. The evil drow Lieutenant shooting Tanya’s baby sister in cold blood for the crime of trying to defend their King. Diana being ripped from Tanya’s arms and disappearing into an unknown fate. These images are seared into her mind. It was that night she turned her back on her faith and any hope she had of ever being a hero.

Still, Tanya was one of the lucky ones. She managed to escape her planet without being captured by the Empire. She struggled to survive but her monk training and feline agility aided her. She ended up losing both her legs in a terrible attack, but was saved by members of the Black Hole Syndicate who rebuilt her broken body. Armed with two cyberlegs capable of transforming into wicked blades (as well as letting her make incredible jumps) Tanya was forced to pay off the debt by working as a Syndicate hitman. Unlike most who end up owing the Syndicate favors her exceptional skills allowed her to pay off what she owed and leave the Syndicate on good terms, although not without making a few enemies along the way.

Tanya Blade is a tabaxi monk capable of making a blinding series of deadly attacks either with her claws or her vicious leg blades.

X1: A soulmech cyborg war machine created for a deadly purpose. In her past life X1 was Diana, a rough and tumble tabaxi warrior who was as good with a heavy warhammer as she was with a daring quip. But the Empire stole all of that away, turning her into a deadly cyborg killing machine.

Unlike her girlfriend Tanya who manged to escape, after the invasion of Taus-UR Diana was taken captive by the Empire. She was forced to join the Imperial Legionaries where she was trained in Imperial warfare and weapons before being sent to invade worlds not unlike her own home planet (she was even forced to take orders from the very man who destroyed her world).

After a deadly encounter with an exotic monster left her body broken the Empire, feeling it wasn’t cost effective to pay clerics to heal her, instead shipped her to a dangerous prison planet where she was subjected to horrific experimentation. Her only friend inside the prison walls was fellow prisoner Sebastian Burroughs but even he couldn’t stop the Empire from hurting her.

When their experiments utterly ruined what was left of her body the Empire’s final act was to rip away her soul and transfer it to the neural network of a high tech robot, a process that left her memories fragmented and hazy. With little memory of her past life and now on the run from the Empire that wants to recapture her, Diana, now going by the Imperial Designation X1, must fight to reclaim her past and save her soul.

Adam Melkor: Human priest of a machine God with a power to control technology using magic. Like his friends Tanya, Diana, Blaze and Rax, Adam grew up on Taus Ur. He became a devout priest and adventuring cleric who followed the God Primus, master of order and the forges of creation. Despite being older than his friends Adam saw in them a hope to bring order to the far corners of Taus-Ur and in the process make the world a better place.

Those hopes were dashed when the Empire invaded. Like Diana, Adam was taken captive and would have been conscripted into the Imperial Military if not for a bit of good fortune and a pirate named Ruford Acton, also known as One-Eye. Ruford was a daring pirate with a grudge against the Empire so when he saw a ship bound for the Core Worlds carrying refuges from a recently invaded planet he threw caution to the wind and struck.

Although the attack ending up wounding a few of those he was trying to save Ruford managed to rescue a score of innocent folk, including Adam. Thinking quickly Adam used his divine magic to save the wounded few earning Ruford’s gratitude. When he offered Adam a chance to join his crew and do some good in the galaxy, Adam took the offer.

Adam spent the next year of his life touring the galaxy under the tutelage of Ruford and his pirate crew. There Adam learned how to fly and fight (although he refused to learn how to fire a gun). He also developed a keen observational eye and a strong sense for danger (making him a little like Sherlock Holmes, if Holmes could summon divine fire from the sky).

He also officially joined the Unification Church, recognizing that his own God Primus was but one aspect of the larger Universe Wide God of technology known as the Machine. This transformation expanded Adam’s powers giving him control over technology even allowing him to repair or control robots, vehicles or other advanced devices. Known as a Gearpriest, Adam distinguished himself in Ruford’s crew eventually becoming his right hand man.

This bond was so strong that when Ruford died he gave Adam his most cherished possession, a magical eye patch that allowed him to teleport over vast distances as well as allowing Adam to leave his crew and choose his own path. Little did Adam realize that his new path would see him reconnecting with his friends in their attempt to escape the clutches of the Empire.

Secondary Characters

Sebastian Burroughs: A wily old human who has been fighting the Empire his whole life and has the scars to prove it. Once upon a time Sebastian was a great leader who single handedly started a movement to overthrow dragon control (be they good or evil). He was captured by the Empire and thrown into Alcavan prison where he has spent the last 50 years.

Whisper: Not much is known about this young girl. She appears to be human and worked as a thief for the Underground Man on Taus-Ur. No telling what’s happened to her since the invasion.

Princess Kendra: Heir to the throne of the Taravani kingdom, Princess Kendra was forced at gunpoint to turn her kingdom over to the Empire lest she share her father’s fate and be summarily executed. If she was killed after that or is somehow still alive no one can say.

Lieutenant Malizrek: Malizrek is one of the infamous drow, a race of purple skinned elves with ash white hair who typically worship the evil spider queen Lloth. As a ranking member of the Imperial Special Police Directorate (ISPD) Lieutenant Malizrek is charged with invading Outlands worlds in the name of the Empire and crushing all resistance. He is the one that led the assault that destroyed Taus-UR and if anyone (other than the Emperor himself) should pay for that crime it’s Malizrek.

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