Welcome to DragonStar.

This is a game of cyberpunk, sci-fi, D&D, space-fantasy. The campaign is divided into seasons, like a TV show. We are about to start our first season. The primary setting is the Dragon Empire, a spherical section of space about 1,000 light years from tip to tip, located in the Serpent’s Eye galaxy. Thousands of years ago space travel was invented using a combination of magic and technology. Species quickly spread from world to world, and one of the strongest and most powerful species were the dragons.

With their endless age, vast wealth, and incredible intellect and power they were able to quickly dominate all other species. After a protracted war between the evil chromatic dragons and good metallics nearly destroyed the galaxy a treaty was established that brought peace in the form of a dragon ruled empire. The treaty established that the metallic dragons would rule for 5,000 years before the chromatics would get their turn.

100 years before the start of the campaign the rule of the benign metallic dragons came to a close with the ascension of the evil red dragon Mezzenbone. The campaign begins at the end of Mezzenbone’s first century of power and the start of his next.


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